Finding North

7 wise tips for achieving leadership gold

 Leaders by definition are accountable for the success or failure of whatever they lead. Whether leading an organisation, a team, a family or ourselves, there are times when we know we are our most resourceful, most inspiring and most dependable.

But there are plenty of times we are definitely not any of the above.

Staying focussed, remaining mindful and keeping perspective when faced with unreasonable, unexpected or hostile demands can bring us all to the same place of human weakness, reaction and defensive behaviour. We can also be our own worst enemy and carry sabotage behaviours with us as we ‘push through’ inner negative beliefs or fear.

Below are 7 of my favourite tips for staying on top of my game, going for leadership gold and leading by example:

1) Always treat people with equal dignity (including myself)

2) Remember to have courage and humility

3) Keep my eyes on the prize and keep perspective

4) Check if I am in integrity and speak my truth

5) Choose my words well, the harsher my words, the harder they are to swallow later if I’m proven wrong

6) Lead and accept leadership of others with respect

7) Remember what goes around comes around, then go with the flow

What are your top tips for reaching and staying in leadership gold?


Daniel is an experienced branding specialist having served organisations of all sizes from start-ups to PLC’s over more than 25 years. He has led strategy, sales and creative teams delivering growth through engagement and communication programs.

He is often called in by entrepreneurs and business leaders to work with them and take their leadership teams on a turnaround journey for sustainable relationships and profitable growth. This is achieved through identifying the opportunities in processes and messaging and gaining clarity on the beliefs and behaviours of those in leadership and management, that enable them to fully realise their potential.


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