Finding North

Data Advances

Think it, and it can be…

Imagine turbo-charging  your client or donor database by using fresh data insight, harvested cost-effectively via intelligent profiling work derived from the market-leading consumer behaviour study bar none.

Refreshed monthly (as well as overlaying other traditional data- industry sources – that’s the intelligent bit), and served up with a practical Direct Marketing process and delivery plan, bring the best of the Data and Creative together to improve retention, acquisition or both.

… the advertising industry is still dining-out on consumer insight and media targeting work that is based upon surveys that are six months old at best!
Whether you are planning a launch or re-launch, or simply seeking to raise brand awareness as efficiently as possible, we develop marketing communications strategy on data foundations second to none, to ensure the highest Return On Marketing Investment (ROI).

We will, of course, sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your data records and perform a data audit. From this we will be able to tell you how you can use your data best to achieve your marketing goals. Through our network of specialists we can deliver your entire marketing needs, but conversations should start with the consumer and we can go from there…