Finding North

The Centre for Jewish Life

The Centre for Jewish Life, an inspirational social and educational organisation, launched in the UK in 2008. From the word go, Finding North provided management and leadership support in the form of highly organised brand discovery brainstorms that set the tone and tempo for what proved to be a highly enjoyable and deeply satisfying Branding process for all participants.
The clarity and methodology introduced, brought an ease and a certainty to marketing decisions which followed, including the commissioning of the brand team to create the launch web site as well as publish a tri-annual Events Guide to market-leading standards within its sector. On the back of the inspired design and carefully segmented content, the Events Guide was followed by numerous pieces of Direct Marketing. The marketing mix has recently evolved naturally with a greater emphasis on digital delivery, however it’s worth mentioning that the client found the print-based launch programme particularly powerful in a dual function of raising brand understanding as well as generating high direct-response.

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